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Brimbank Concrete Removal specialise in removing concrete from an old driveway or pool that you don’t want anymore can be done by a contractor. Your local council would already advise you to avoid wires and cables underneath. The estimate is done first to check how much it would cost you for the job. Knowing a good contractor that does a good job will make it easier for you. The contractor will dispatch professionals to do the job. Here’s how removing concrete is done.

Gear up

The workers will first gear up. Gloves help to protect their hands especially from the high impacts coming from heavy equipment. The gloves also protect the worker’s hands from getting scratches and cuts at the working site. Goggles are also used for eye protection. Dust and debris can go flying all around. Working boots or shoes are also necessary.

Tools ready

Tools or equipment that will be used will depend on on in how wide the working site is and the access points. Your property might have limited access points, and heavy equipment won’t pass through. Jackhammer is the tool commonly used for homes with tight access. Bobcat equipment is also wheeled in if the working area has a lot of space. All tools and equipment are ready even before the work is started. This would cut the time spent looking for tools or waiting for equipment to arrive when the work already started.

Concrete Waste Disposal


Removing concrete can be done by drilling holes in it. It will weaken the structure of the concrete and break it off into smaller pieces. Drilling is started at the edge first because the edge is the weaker parts of concrete. Drilling is done with a pattern to make the concrete break off easily. If the concrete is hauled by hand, smaller patterns are made for smaller slabs. If heavy equipment is used, wider spaces are placed in between holes since it will create bigger concrete slabs that heavy equipment can carry.

Cut steel reinforcements

Steel reinforcements keep the concrete together. The steel reinforcements are cut and removed. The steel makes it hard for the concrete to be broken down. Care is maintained when cutting steel reinforcements because of the pointed steel ends that will be left. Cutting steel reinforcements might need various tools when done by hand.

Dispose of the concrete

The old concrete would need to be cleared away. Dispose of the concrete using a wheelbarrow if it is done by hand. Heavy equipment is usually used since it will avoid wheeling heavy loads of concrete by hand. It also saves time to dispose of concrete with a truck.

Removing concrete is usually done by contractors but you can know what they are doing. First, you will see that they will gear up. Tools are prepared and ready for use. They will drill in the concrete to weaken it. The steel reinforcements are cut to make the concrete easier to be removed. Once the concrete is removed, it will be disposed of leaving you with nicely pave soil.

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