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Tight Access Concrete Removal

Brimbank Concrete Removal are specialists in accessing sites with limited access. We have all the necessary skills and tools to remove earth and building materials down household paths and narrow lane-ways. Tight access concrete removal is typically used in backyard renovations, such as pool installation and landscaping. Since many of our suburbs in Melbourne are significantly built up, access between properties can be rather limited. Our professional team will ensure that your excess dirt is removed without causing damage to your property, walls, and fences.

With 25 years of experience in all types of excavations, we are more than happy to offer expert advice on what is and is not possible on your property and everything necessary for paperwork and planning permits.

Quality Tight Access Concrete Removal Experts

Brimbank Concrete Removal uses the best in tight access equipment, standards, and knowledge to get your impossible excavation done neatly, professionally, on budget, and with limited disruption. We offer:

  • Sensational backyard makeovers
  • Precision excavation to the highest possible standards
  • No excavation project too big, too small, or impossible
  • We will take care of the entire process

What About Demolishing a Pool?

There are two types of demolition methods for pools: certified and un-certified. The certified process involves removing the entire pool shell and then back filling the site. The un-certified method is more common and affordable and with this method, we will break holes in the bottom of the pool to drain it, break the top edge of the shell, and back fill with dirt. If you find that access to your property is tight for a pool removal, don’t worry, we handle all types of tight access concrete removal.

How Long Does Concrete Removal Take?

If you are having your pool demolished, you can expect the entire process to take around 5 – 6 working days. We need a day of preparation ahead of the project to take care of draining pools, accessing permits, delivering equipment, and other activities. We may take an additional day at the end of the project to clean-up and remove the concrete once the pool has been removed, or the land has been flattened for landscaping.

Why Can’t I Just Do It All Myself?

You certainly could, but do you have the expertise and insurance needed for such processes? With 25 years of experience in the industry and Brimbanks’ trusted concrete removal specialists, we know how to remove concrete and rubble without causing damage to your property, and we know how to dispose of it properly.

When you hire us, you get a professional demolition and removal outfit that will get your project done quickly and efficiently.

If you need advice or assistance with tight access concrete removal, pool removal, Bobcat hire in Melbourne, or would like to discuss any other tasks, feel free to give us a call today!

We also offer no-obligation quotes and only the highest quality customer service. We look forward to assessing your property soon.

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