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Bobcat Hire Melbourne

Are you looking to do some heavy work around your property, but you’re not sure how to go about it? Chances are you are going to require some industrial-strength equipment. At Brimbank Concrete Removal we provide Bobcat Hire With Operator to help you get your tasks completed on time and within budget.

We are a team of excavator professionals who know how to deal with those tough jobs that necessitate a bobcat. We have years of experience in the excavation industry which makes us a name you can trust. You don’t have to worry about the daunting task of concrete and rock removal; we have you covered.

Bobcat Hire With Operator

At Brimbank Concrete Removal we know that providing our customers with the best bobcat hire in Melbourne along with top-quality services means offering variety. We can help you completely clean up your property.

Our team holds high values in all areas of service, including impeccable attention to customer service. We strive to ensure we do our job without disrupting your everyday routine, and if you are looking for equipment to hire to do the job yourself, we are happy to offer advice and support. We only use the safest equipment and techniques when it comes to any of our services or hires, so you, your property, and your family will be safe at all times.

All our machinery is fully insured.

What Could You Use a Bobcat for?

Bobcat hire in Melbourne is ideal for excavating in those hard-to-reach or confined spaced. But, they also perform a broad range of tasks over and above excavation. Coupled with the right attachments and systems that allow for quick and easy exchanges, you can do a lot more with a bobcat, including:

  • Grading

    A digger with a back-fill blade can be transformed into a finish or rough grader and a levelling and back-filling machine. The angled blade helps with grading and back-filling without forming rows of dust and dirt. A grading bucket can be added to help with cutting, filling, and grading. Combine a bucket with tilt swing accessories and your excavator gains a significant range of motion to shape contours and create swales.

  • Breaking concrete

    A bobcat is ideal for demolition work and together with a concrete breaker, operators will be able to tear out asphalt and concrete in trails, driveways, paths, sidewalks, and even help remove swimming pools. This makes for a powerful combination that can reduce vertical structures including retaining walls, into more manageable chunks.

  • Loading and clearing

    Compact excavators will improve a property with their capability to remove underbrush and level fallen trees. There is a myriad of attachments that can help you drag, pull, and grab sampling undergrowth for an easy and cleaner job.

Get in touch with a bobcat operator.

With a range of accessories that make for an easy task along with standard mounting systems, our bobcat services are ideal for all your tight access and mini excavation work.

Get in touch with us at Brimbank ConcreteRemoval today to find out more.

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