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Your driveway might already be looking dull. Have you tried looking at your home from the outside?  When you are trying to bring your car inside the driveway, have you noticed some cracks?  Your driveway might already be too old and needs a driveway removal. You can give your home a fresh look with a new driveway. Give your home a new look with a new driveway. You can also make some changes to your old driveway. You might need more space for your car to get in smoothly. Drive removal can be easy if done by professionals. Doing it on your own might take you months. It could even give you body aches. Let the professionals do the work and here are five tips on driveway removal to guide your way.

Check and measure

Your driveway needs to be checked first for any pipeline before removing your old driveway. Measure the driveway. Knowing the measurement allows you to get a more accurate estimate. You can also get free estimates online by just providing some details like the measurement of your driveway.

Get the equipment ready

Before doing work on your driveway removal, equipment should already be on standby. Hydraulic jacks, skid loader with a bucket and jackhammer attachment are some of the heavy equipment needed for your driveway removal.  You can also rent Bobcat Track Loader w/ Bucket attachment backhoe if you plan on doing it on your own as long as you are licensed to handle such equipment. Getting all the equipment ready will avoid delays in the work and can let you finish it faster.

Break up the driveway

With the entire equipment ready, you can start breaking up the driveway. Removal professionals will drill holes first on the concrete to be able to break the concrete in chunks. This is the part where too much noise can be heard. It is easier to haul the concrete if they are broken into chunks. Keep your kids away from the equipment at work for their safety.


The concrete will then be slowly dug and loaded in a truck. If you plan of recycling the concrete, inform the contractors ahead of time before they haul it away. The old concrete can be a recycled for pretty steps in your garden. All debris are removed. All of the concrete is cleared and loaded in the truck.


The driveway is then paved. For driveway removal, the soil should be finished with a flat surface. You can use the paved soil for a fresh relay. If you plan on relocating your driveway, you can use the space for your garden.

Driveway removal can be done personally or by professionals. Check and measure the driveway to get an accurate estimate. Equipment should be ready before any work can be done. If you have hired contractors, they will bring their equipment. They will break up the driveway, clear all the debris and pave it. Once they are done, it should be ready for a fresh relay.

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