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Before you start with your driveway removal on your own, think twice first. Contractors are around for some reason. They do concrete disposal for you.  If you have not tried doing concrete disposal on your own, better hire someone to do it. It will save you a lot of stress. The time and work you need to do are not worth saving the money if you can pay a contractor to dispose of concrete. Here are some reasons why concrete disposal is hard.

A place to dump it

For wastes, you can easily dump it in the garbage area. How about concrete? Do you know where you will dump all the old concrete you have removed from your place? You cannot just dump it anywhere. Permission is needed before you can dump it somewhere else. Fines can ensue if you will just dump old concrete at the side of the street. It could also inconvenience your neighbours if you just dump it in your yard where people can walk every day. You cannot let the old concrete in your place for a long period. Check where you are allowed to dump old concrete in your area.

Brilliant projects

You cannot just leave old concrete lying around your yard. Do something to recycle them. Think of brilliant projects to reuse your old concrete. If you are a good gardener, you can think of brilliant projects. Old concrete can be used for filling retaining walls, flower beds and used as steps in your garden. Brilliant projects will work only in a small amount of concrete. If there a lot of concrete removed from your property, you will need to hire contractors to do the concrete disposal.

Transport for and labour

Concrete, unlike other wastes, is heavy. This is the reason why your regular garbage disposal cannot just take it away. Big amount of concrete cannot be disposed of easily. You will need a pickup truck for all those concrete. If you don’t have one, you might need to borrow your friend’s pickup. The labour of hauling all the concrete in the pickup truck could take you forever. A single person doing the hauling on his own will make him work for hours. Since concrete is too heavy, doing all the hauling with one shovel is a back breaking job. Since the pickup can only carry a limited amount of old concrete, you might need to make a few trips just to complete your concrete disposal.

Concrete Removal Machines

Concrete disposal is hard for anyone. Even professionals would rather use heavy equipment and big trucks to do the job. You will need to check on the place to dump it. There is only a select place where you can dump old concrete. Permission is also needed before dumping them. You cannot just leave old concrete exposed outside for risk of accidents. For more information about visit Brimbank Concrete Removal, Melbourne’s trusted concrete removal specialists.

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