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Concrete cutting in homes or commercial places needs to be done carefully. It usually involves the use of a concrete saw or circular saw. Any use of blades is potentially dangerous. Cutting concrete on your bathroom or floors can be done with a cold chisel and hand sled. Those are just light work that usually does not need to be done by experts. To know if contractors are indeed doing the job right, here are the top tips for concrete cutting.


Professionals always make safety the priority in every job. They should don working gloves. A hard hat will also be necessary if they are on construction sites. Goggles are also important to protect their eyes from dust and flying debris during concrete cutting. Warning signs need to be put up to avoid people walking by from entering the area accidentally. Accidents can be prevented if safety precautions are always followed.


Contractors will not just allow one person to do the job. They are usually sent out in a certain number. It usually depends on the number of heavy equipment that needs to be handled. Professionals wear uniforms to make them easily identified. Allowing anyone to enter your property can be dangerous. Contractors are aware of it and make a strict policy for their professionals to wear proper attires and gears when entering people’s homes. Professionals are expected to do professional work. They won’t be doing sloppy work that some individuals do.

Measure and mark

To avoid mistakes and finish the job faster, measuring the area for concrete cutting is done. You will see lines drawn on the concrete to serve as guides for the circular saw. You will then see the professionals gliding smoothly with the circular saw. The marks are followed precisely. It even avoids damages to the adjoining road or sidewalks. Cutting them precisely will avoid cutting through concrete outside your property.

Right blades

There are two types of blades used in concrete cutting; they are dry-cutting diamond blades and wet-cutting diamond blades. For a small area, dry-cutting diamond blades are efficiently used. Wet-cutting diamond blades are more appropriately used in wider areas. Water helps to lubricate the blades and cool them down. The wet-cutting diamond blade is a good choice since it does a cleaner job and avoids dust flying around.

Use the weight

Do not be surprised when you see the contractors just smoothly gliding the circular saw on the concrete. The best way to cut through concrete is to use the weight of the saw to cut it through. It will avoid damaging the blades and make the job easier. Forcing the blades through might even cause the saw to overheat so just using the weight makes it work efficiently.

If the work is for a wider area, contractors need to be called for to do the job. Concrete cutting done by contractors takes safety seriously. Professionals do a good job. They measure and mark. The right blades are used for the job. They just use the weight to cut the concrete.

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